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            We’d love to hear from you. Use this form to start the conversation about how we can help you find and purchase the 江苏快3遗漏 of your dreams.

            We’d love to hear from you. Use this form to start the conversation about how we can help you find and purchase the 江苏快3遗漏 of your dreams.

            We’d love to hear from you. Use this form to start the conversation about how we can sell your 江苏快3遗漏 for top dollar, and in record time.

            Please reach out via the form below to inquire about buying and/or selling your 江苏快3遗漏.

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            We are proud to provide a second-to-none real estate experience and produce results above market averages for our clients. Here’s a taste of what it’s like to work with us - in their words.

            Cailey and her team were incredibly professional, warm, efficient and super effective. They took all the hassle out of listing and showing the house and provided fantastic insight regarding timing and pricing. Our house sold incredibly quickly and over asking, in large part due to their efforts.Read More

            Heaps Estrin helped us get our dream 江苏快3遗漏 and sell our condo over asking. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and will not hesitate to recommend the Heaps Estrin Team to our family and friends.Read More

            The Heaps Estrin Team helped us buy our first house and could not have been more helpful. Being new to the purchasing process, they provided us with valuable insights on key items to look for and where we should focus our attention. They were also diligent in getting to know our taste in properties, and were able to quickly narrow down our viewings to a portfolio of high quality options while developing a winning bidding strategy for a very competitive market. Overall, they transformed what could have been a very long, stressful process into a relatively easy one. We are thrilled with our new 江苏快3遗漏 and could not be more grateful for the valuable advice we received along the way.Read More

            We could not be happier with our experience. As we have said many times, when things are going well in real estate, anyone can sell. When times get tough, or even just confusing, that’s when having an expert at the helm makes all the difference. Thank you for a fine job. Read More

            We cannot speak highly enough of the Heaps Estrin Real Estate Team. The team listens. No pressure. Just deep knowledge of the market and unfailing courtesy. Our move would have been impossible without the professionalism of this remarkable team. They changed our lives. Read More

            Cailey Heaps Estrin, and her team, take the standard of service, professionalism, excellence and results to an entirely new level in real estate sales. Cailey stood out among the other agents I interviewed immediately with her warm personality and her exceptional marketing approach to selling (sleek/modern marketing materials for selling the 江苏快3遗漏, social media reach and expertise, traditional media recognition of her excellence and a powerful and extensive team of motivated professionals working with her). We were selling our family 江苏快3遗漏 of over 20 years and I was doing so remotely as I was working out of the country江苏快3遗漏. The steps needed to get the 江苏快3遗漏 ready to show its best were overwhelming (staging, packing up, opening the pool, landscaping, painting/repairs...). Within less than 3 weeks from our initial meeting, EVERYTHING was managed by Cailey and her team and the house was sold. I was overwhelmingly impressed and thrilled with the entire process. If you want your 江苏快3遗漏 to present at its best potential, receive maximum sale price and have a speedy sale, then I can whole-heartedly recommend working with Cailey and her team.Read More

            The Heaps Estrin Team helped make one of the most important decisions in life easier. Their knowledge, compassion and attentiveness were amazing.Read More

            Buying and selling properties can be such a stressful endeavour. With the Heaps Estrin Team, I have never felt remotely stressed. I know I am in the safest of hands with them at all times. I will buy and sell again and the Heaps Estrin Team will be my first call.Read More

            We recently sold our 江苏快3遗漏 in Toronto through the Heaps Estrin Team. We really enjoyed working with them. They were very thorough in everything they did and were very effective in marketing our 江苏快3遗漏 in a polished and impressive way, flawlessly arranged individual visits and open houses and continuously communicated with us on market changes and milestones, which gave us comfort in how we were positioning our property. In the negotiation stage, they were very balanced and provided us with helpful context in ultimately closing the sale. We would highly recommend them to others selling their 江苏快3遗漏.Read More

            I highly recommend the Heaps Estrin Team. I interviewed Heaps Estrin because they were recommended by a friend and had a record of being top performers. Halfway through the interview, after hearing their marketing plan, I decided I did not need to talk to other agents. They had done their research and my house was sold for 16% over the listing price. The service did not end with the sale. I was contacted by their Client Care Manager to provide support for every possible need I might have to help me move out of the 江苏快3遗漏 I had lived in for 30 years. As I said, I highly recommend the Heaps Estrin Team.Read More

            Tracey Pearce Fation Shahinas Ian and Kathleen Lu and Ron Mitchell Patricia and Doug Adamson Sandy Beattie Victoria McCowan Sheila Mccarthy Carol and Filip Papich Paul Mutch

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            Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods - each with its own unique charm, personality and benefits. Click through to explore some of our favourites - and browse our current listings in each area.

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            When selling, choosing the right real estate team is a critical step in what should be an enjoyable, memorable experience.


            1391 Bayview Avenue
            Toronto, ON M4G 3A6



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